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Of course, we could also fill this space with fancy sentences that begin with our mission and end with our vision, which not easily understood when they are read. But for ELDEM HIRDAVAT family, the vision and vision is only the customer satisfaction under all circumstances. The best way to explain us is the positive reference of our customer without any doubt.

All you need is ELDEM HIRDAVAT INC.

You can reach your all consumables and equipment from a single address. For the quality, the only address is ELDEM HIRDAVAT INC.

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From factories to ports also from heavy industry to public offices, ELDEM HIRDAVAT INC. Stands in the point of export and supply chain

Hardware and Industry Products

It is the right address that you can find the hardware and industry products which you may need in every point of life.

Import & Export

The supply of products from its source enables us to give the best price guarantee to our customers, and always enables us to realize our garant first-see benefit imize principle. Contact our import export department for the most accurate service ......

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Construction Mechanical Industry – Ship Industry – Plumbing – Petrochemical Industry – Food Industry – Paper Industry Chemical Industry – Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry – Paint Industry – Oil Industry – Ceramic Industry – Automotive Industry LPG Plants – Iron and Steel Industry – Fertilizer Industry – Oil Refineries like,

You can find all the products you need of all these industries. As ELDEM HIRDAVAT We can supply all your need for safety equipment, mechanical parts and installation products and so we can reduce your workload.

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